Micare is Seeking a One-Stop Service Hospital in Manila


In order to reduce administrative costs and coordination complexities in Manila, MiCare is seeking a hospital facility that can accommodate all major referral cases.

Currently, there are four (4) basic referral and four (4) self-referral hospital facilities in Manila under affiliation agreements with MiCare.   The major types of referral cases are Ophthalmology, Oncology, ENT, Hematology, Kidney Diseases, Urology, Cardiac Diseases, Surgical, Orthopedics, Genecology, Gastroenteritis and others.

The criteria for selecting a One-Stop Service Hospital in Manila will include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. Rental costs of the MiCare representative office, which will be housed in the new hospital.  Currently rental arrangements are free, and they include telephone, parking, electricity, and water.  MiCare pays separately for internet access.   In return, MiCare will send most if not all referral patients to the selected hospital;
  2. There is an affiliation agreement stipulating a sole relationship with the facility, including a unified billing system requiring direct payments to the selected hospital for services and professional fees.  The agreement should further stipulates that any referral case, regardless of type of illnesses, should be treated by the hospital in a most professional and expeditious manner to avoid delay of patients’ stay In Manila.
  3. Negotiated and agreed upon Relative Unit Value (RUV) fee schedule must be agreed upon by MiCare and by the selected facility, professional and medical coordination fees.
  4. Other considerations need to be negotiated between MiCare and the facility.

The initial discussions to attain this cost-cutting activity is schedule toward the middle of this fiscal year with a goal of authorizing a One-Stop-Hospital service within the next two years.