MiCare Board of Directors and Yap State Officials Review Government Participation

During the MiCare Board of Directors meeting in Yap last December 12-14, 2012 members were accorded consultation meetings with Governor Sebastian Anefal and the Lt. Governor Anthony Tareg along with separate meetings with the Director of Administrative Services, Ms. Maria Law, and Acting Director of Health Services, Mr. Dominic Taruwemai and his staff.

According to the Governor Anefal, his Admini- stration submitted a budget for the Yap Government em- ployees to the Yap State Legislature for the current Fiscal Year 2013.

The budget  law stipulates  that  any agreement  between  MiCare  and Yap State  Gov- ernment on the participation will have to be adopted by the Legislature.

A courtesy meeting with the Yap State Governor, Sebastian Anefal, and the Lt. Governor Anthony Tareg, confirmed the Administrator’s commitment to historically position Yap State Government to actively participate in the MiCare Health Plan.

Since the inception of MiCare 27 years ago (1985) Yap State has not participated in the Micare Health Plan. However, there is a significant number of individual enrollees from Yap since then.

Administration has transmitted a budget and the Yap State Legislature approved to cover Government employees in FY2013. The coverage, however, is not extended to the de- pendents and also limited to a 50-50 cost sharing of the premium. The implementation of the Yap State participation in MiCare will become effective when the Legislature adopts an affiliation MOU with the MiCare.

The Administrator and the Board members also met with the Deputy Director of Health, Mr. Dominic Tarawemai, and his Chief of Medical Staff, Dr. james Edilong, along with the account staff, Ms. Darlen Giley.

A separate meeting with the Director of Department of Administrative Services, Ms. Maria Laaw, was arranged to update on the drafted affiliation MOU between MiCare and the Yap State Govern- ment. The draft MOU was sent to the Director Laaw last November 2012.

According to Director Laaw, the AG’s Office in Yap have reviewed the draft MOU, and there was no major concerns noted except they have proposed some minor changes. Her Department and the Department of Health Service are collaborating to formulate a presentation to the Governor and the Legislature to justify the benefits of the Government’s participation in the MiCare Health Plan.

Separate meetings were also coordinated with two (2) legislative committees. The Committee on Government and Health and Welfare, chaired by Sen. Jesse Regimar-Subomar and the finance Committee, chaired by Sen. Clemdent Mulalap. Other members and staff attended the two meetings include Sen. Theodore (Ted) Rutun, Vice-Chairman and also the Vice-Speaker, Sen. joseph Giliko, Assistant Legal Counsel, Ms. Genevieve  Mangefel, Sen. john Mooteb and Speaker Henry Falan.