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Our Mission

Everything we do as health insurance provider is driven by and resolved around our mission to help, care and improve our members’ health, well-being and peace of mind. MiCare comes to aid at the time of sickness, access to health, dental and vision care, access to medicine, recover from illness, prevent sickness, recover from illness or injury, return to work, live a normal life and continue to enjoy and provide for families. In doing so, MiCare strives to strike a balance between its Mission and the financial and operational soundness and sustainability, while meeting the covered insurance needs of its members

Our Vision

Our vision is to earn trust and instill confidence in members and general public, hence our overall arching objective for achieving professional excellence in what we do (our Mission) by being innovative, effective, efficient, fair, friendly and consistent in rendering and availing the right and appropriate support and services at the lowest possible premium.